About us

Oh Die Zee is a foundation in The Hague that combines the fascination for the sea with all art disciplines that have the same fascination for the sea. Audio walking tour project Oh The Sea took place in Scheveningen in 2014/2015 and in Den Helder in 2017. The Plunge (Liebeswellen in German) is our second project in 2018.

Artistic director and producer: Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen. Pink Steenvoorden is our location designer and technician. Berend Dikkers is business advisor. Supervisory board: Ard van Rijn, Diana Kleinjans and Roland Helmer. International agents: JG Baggerman and Lucienne van der Mijle, Global Performing Arts Group.

Original radio editing Odyssey: Joost Brands. Project editing: Pepijn Stutterheim. Cover photography: Rob Kints. Translators The Punge (Liebeswellen): David Doherty and Andreas Ecke.

Sponsors: Einstein Design, Same-d, Contenu, Communisenso.

The Plunge is supported by the arts council of The Hague, Fonds 1818 and the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Feest aan Zee and Festival Classique.


The Plunge / Liebeswellen

Director and producer: Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen. Design & location technique: Pink Steenvoorden (Einstein Design). Texts: Marente de Moor. Research: Bernadette Hijstek. Actors: Lex Bohlmeijer, Jeremy Warcup (English), Christoph Walter (German). Soundcapes: Jürgen De Blonde, Robert van Raamsdonk (kid’s version). Translators: David Doherty, Andreas Ecke. Studio editing: Pepijn Stutterheim. Graphic design: Ronald Meekel.