The Plunge

Banners_and_Alerts_en_Sfeerbeeld_Scheveningen_-_Google_DriveThe Plunge (Liebeswellen in German) is our new on-location cultural project, an audio tour with a difference that takes you on a fascinating literary walk through the coastal resort of Scheveningen. Following its premiere at Festival Classique on 7 June 2018, The Plunge will run seven days a week until 9 September. You can pick up your audio tour any time between 11 am and 5 pm from Monday to Friday, and between 10 am and 5 pm at the weekend. The exact pick-up point has yet to be confirmed but will probably be on the Boulevard.

The Plunge centres around German composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who came to Scheveningen in 1836 in the hope of restoring his failing health. He was also wrestling with matters of the heart: having fallen for young Cécile Jeanrenaud, Felix spent much of his visit pondering his feelings and considering whether he should marry her. Though underwhelmed by Holland’s celebrated seaside spa – Mendelssohn made no secret of his disdain for the Dutch and The Hague! – Scheveningen became the setting for a soul-searching interlude in his life. Especially for this project, director Ingrid van Frankenhuyzen invited acclaimed Dutch novelist Marente de Moor to write a brand new short story inspired by Mendelssohn’s sojourn on the Dutch coast, giving her full artistic freedom. De Moor, winner of the European Union Prize for Literature, has written two exquisite interlocking tales – one for grown-ups and one for children aged six and over. Soundscapes created by composers Jürgen De Blonde and Robert van Raamsdonk have been commissioned to give her words an added dimension.


Marente de Moor

At the start of the tour, we provide you with an MP3 player and headset. You then embark on what at first seems to be an ordinary walk, until you reach three dramatic locations designed for sitting and listening. Each location affords its own special view of the sea and offers a unique setting in which to immerse yourself in an episode from The Plunge.

The tour takes between 1½ and 2 hours to complete, depending on your walking speed. One likely location will be Scheveningen’s air defence tower, where our ZlowMotion swing will be installed. Brainchild of theatre designer Pink Steenvoorden and showcased at Dutch Design Week, the ZlowMotion seats up to six people and gently mimics the rhythm of the waves.

We are currently hard at work finalising locations in the vicinity of the pier, the Kurhaus hotel and the nearby dunes. As soon as we have new information we will update the website.

The Plunge | Liebeswellen | Liefdeskuren is a multilingual project, available in English, German and Dutch. Marente de Moor’s original stories have been translated into German by Andreas Ecke and into English by David Doherty.


Porch swing ZlowMotion, designed by Pink Steenvoorden


One of the locations of The Plunge. Here we will build porch swings ZlowMotion.










The Plunge is funded, co-produced and supported by