The walking audio tour Oh The Sea starts and ends in restaurant Stoom (Willemsoord 60 D in Den Helder).  Departure any time between 11 am and 6 pm (last departure) every day between July 7 and September 3. Depending on your walking speed, Oh The Sea takes a little less than 2 hours. Costs: € 7,50 per person, children up to 12: € 5,-.

At the tour’s start inside restaurant Stoom, we provide you with an MP3 player with headphones; the audio tour ends at Stoom as well.  You will be given a plan, as well as a leaflet with other useful information. You then embark on what seems to be an ordinary walk, until you reach the three locations that are designed for sitting, and listening: on top of the dike at Zeepromenade, the harbor Willemsoord at the former naval yard and shipyard.

Oh The Sea covers three signature episodes of Homer’s classic epos: the Greek hero’s encounter with the scary monsters Scylla and Charybdis, his narrow escape from the lovely but dangerous singing Sirens, and his struggles with the ‘tornado god’ Poseidon, all standing in the way of his return home in his beloved Ithaca. Each episode is approximately 11 minutes long. In either English, Dutch or German.

The children’s version is available in Dutch, English and German and is intended for children ages 8 and up. As some scary monsters and added sound effects are included in the episodes,  it could be a little scary for the much younger children. Someone described it as: if your child can deal with Harry Pottter, it can deal with Oh The Sea.